What About The Old Partitions Plugin?

This article was first posted to the Kuler Solutions website on 01/17/14 and again on 10/10/14

I want to take a moment to clear up some confusion regarding the Partitions plugin and the Partitions stack. In order to do this then I need to provide a little history regarding both.

Way back in 2006 I began development of a plugin for RapidWeaver that would eventually be called “Partitions” when it was released in 2007. Around the same time Isaiah from Yourhead.com was developing a plugin that would come to be known as Stacks.

The Partitions plugin let you create “partitions” that would accept all sorts of content and keep it contained in that partition and the Stacks plugin did the same but it was dynamic and fluid while the Partitions plugin used tables and cells.

It was easy to see that the Stacks plugin was a much smarter and more efficient way of accomplishing basically the same thing, not to mention a more forward thinking approach.

However, the Partitions plugin was still a very popular plugin for a lot of RapidWeaver users and I continued development for about 18 more months.

However Stacks and its ecosystem were a much better product so I decided to halt development of the Partitions plugin and about 6 months later “end-of-lifed” it (Meaning that it would no longer be supported for future versions of RW, barely in version 5 at the time).

The Birth of the Partitions Stack

Because there were so many people who had grown to appreciate the features of the Partitions plugin, I quickly developed a stack that had nearly all of the features of the plugin. The stack is actually better than the plugin because it lives inside a Stacks page! At the time (2010-2011) I offered free download links to any purchasers of the Partitions plugin so that they could get the stack at no charge.

Fast Forward to 2014 and RapidWeaver 6

With RapidWeaver 6 being released many people are trying to export their project in RapidWeaver 5 to a RapidWeaver 6 project. This works really well unless you happen to have an old plugin installed, in which case RapidWeaver tells you that you can not export because of outdated plugins.

What To Do

  1. Delete the old Partitions plugin. (and the Styled Text+ plugin) It WILL NOT work in RapidWeaver 6. It WILL NOT be updated for RapidWeaver 6.

  2. Get the Partitions Stack … it works great in RapidWeaver 5 AND RapidWeaver 6.

Should you have any questions please feel free to contact me.